Find & Design Your Style

In our studio we showcase many companies’ brilliantly handcrafted jewelry designs that are high quality, implant grade, and safe materials for body piercing.

We strive to inspire our clients and provide access to exclusive designers we support.

We have many styles in studio and can assist with customizing and ordering. The possibilities are endless!

The list below includes links to select Instagrams to encourage creativity.

Our Instagram – Obelisk Piercing 

This is a curated list of companies we carry.

In alphabetical order:

Alchemy Adornment



Industrial Strength




Peoples Jewelry

Pupil Hall

Regalia Jewelry

If you find anything you love from these designers, or others we carry, save photos of designs you like and contact us for special orders!

If you are not finding what you’re looking for, we have other companies and independent designers we can order from.

Most of the leading, quality jewelry companies are wholesale only, meaning they are licenced to sell their products only to approved licenced piercing studios.

By being wholesale they support the professional piercing industry and small studios like ours! Many are small businesses and designers themselves! 

As special orders are handmade per piece sites will not list prices. Jewelry can fluctuate on the cost depending on the size, gemstones and materials used. 

But don’t fear! After an in studio consultation, to check proper sizing, fitting and attachments, we can give quotes and special order designs! 

If you’re interested in placing a special order, contact us

We can’t wait to see what jewelry captivates you!