Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make an appointment?
Currently we are appointment only for all services. Booking & Update
What is required to get a piercing?

-Currently we require an appointment.

-For our documentation we need valid Identification and/or documentations for all minors, legal guardians and adults as we can not pierce, install or remove jewelry without them!

-As per Washington State regulation, we can not offer services to a client who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What are the age requirements for piercings?

Check out our piercing age policies.

How much does a piercing cost?

Piercing prices will vary depending on the jewelry you select. We recommend viewing our selection of jewelry in studio to find what style accommodates you best. You are also welcome to contact the studio to discuss ideas, options and price estimates.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, card and offer gift cards.

Do you pierce children’s earlobes?

-We offer new piercing services for minors 8 years of age and older.  Click here for our Minor Update*

Our studio policy requires valid ID for both the minor and the parent/legal guardian. Questions regarding valid ID, please review the minors section on FAQs page or ID requirements sections.

Can I get pierced with jewelry I bought elsewhere?

We do not use outside jewelry for initial piercings because we can not guarantee it is a safe material, or will have adequate room for healing. 

Can you help me change my jewelry?

We are happy to assist you selecting, and installing jewelry purchased in our studio and make sure it is sized and fits comfortably.

Under appointment booking, select: “Jewelry Change” or “Styling Consultation”

Can you help me put in jewelry that I bought elsewhere?

You’re welcome to bring your jewelry to the studio for a consultation. There are many factors to consider when installing jewelry in a piercing. We can make suggestions and help you to make an informed decision. We can not guarantee it’s a safe material or for long term wear.

Under appointment booking, select: “Jewelry Change or Install”

What are my options if I need to remove or conceal my jewelry?  

We’re able to assist you with removal of jewelry and inserting an appropriately sized retainer. We have metallic and non-metallic options, to accommodate your needs.

Under appointment booking, select: “Retainer or Removal”

I’m having a problem with my piercing, what should I do?

Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to stop by the studio. We’re better able to assist you in person.  Most of the time we’re able to change jewelry for a better fit or give advice on aftercare that could help resolve the issue. If we feel it’s in the clients best interest to abandon the piercing we will suggest so and help remove it.  If we suspect it’s beyond our field of expertise we will advise you see a physician.

Under Booking, select: “Check-up – Troubleshooting”


For current updates and booking: View our Updates & Booking Page!

If you have any other questions, contact us!