Children’s Update

Minor Update

We at Obelisk have had the honor to help many families and kids along their piercing journey.  Below is our current update on our minor piercing policies. 


-We are offering new piercing services for minors 8 years of age and older.

-We are still available to help all  minors with existing piercings experiencing troubles or concerns. Including: jewelry removals, jewelry upsizes for comfort or health of the piercing, checkups, aftercare or questions.

  • We will continue to need a valid form of identification for all minors, legal guardians and adults for services, including checkups.
  • Currently an appointment is required for all client services including checkups.
  • Checkups can be made on our online booking.  -In the appointment notes, leave us any information, including: minors age, how long they have had the piercing, if they were done by us, any possible concerns, or reason for checkup.

We value being a part of your piercing journey and appreciate your patience and support for our small business/

We acknowledge that piercing earlobes can be a significant moment, a tradition, and rite of passage for many people, families and cultures. We value being a part of such a special moment.
Minors over 8 years of age and older, are welcome to set up an appointment with parent/legal guardian!
Make sure you have valid identification for both the minor and parent/legal guardian.

Children’s Ear Piercing Checklist

Kid’s Checklist!

Congrats on your decision to get your ears pierced!

Before you Arrive
Be excited and be ready!
Eat a snack.
You’re welcome to bring a friend, or a favorite toy!
Understand the piercing may hurt a little, but that is okay, and it is fast.
Ask questions, if you have any questions ask them all!
At the Studio
You will meet the lady piercing your ears!
We will pick out earrings!
If you’re ready to pierce your ears, we will fill out a form, then we will all go into the piercing room together!
If you want to wait that is okay too! We have your earrings picked out for when you’re ready!
In the Piercing Room
You will sit down, everyone will get comfy.
Keep asking any questions you have!
The Piercer will clean and draw little dots on your ears.
You will look in the mirror and make sure you like where they will go!
If you like them, and everyone’s ready, we do it!
If at anytime you decide you want to stop just say so! You’re in charge!
We love meeting brave kids interested in getting their ears pierced, we like showing you the studio, and if you want to wait, we want to wait with you!
When you are ready!
You will lay back and get comfy.
You’re in charge, the choice is still yours, if you want to stop at any time just speak up.
There are no surprises, and the piercing is fast!
At the end we will, clean you up and let you see your brand new earrings!
Whether you walk out with jewelry in your ears the day we meet or you decide to wait for the future, you leave with whatever choice you have made, we are happy to be a part of your ear piercing choice!