Our Staff

Meet The Obelisk Team!


Erin is our receptionist and newest member of the Obelisk Team! She is up front and generally the first and last face you see in studio!

She has been working in the piercing industry for over a year and is passionate about creating a warm and welcoming environment for every client and helping them fine tune their personal aesthetics. Body modification has intrigued Erin for as long as she can remember. She has always been a creative person- and the art of customizing your body to make yourself comfortable, and truly reflect your personality is so special to her.

Erin has had her personal artwork showcased in two local art shows, and in her free time she can likely be found watching Twilight and painting with her cat.

Her jewelry style is a while gold colored palette, extra gems and rings, with gemstones that glow like moonstone and labradorite.

Erin is upfront in the studio, welcoming everyone in, helping schedule appointments and posting on our social media!


Lucas is our front end manager and lead sales representative. He handles most day-to-day tasks in the studio, from scheduling appointments to selecting, showcasing and photographing our newest jewelry designs.

While growing up without much exposure to the world of body modification, Lucas never had much of a connection to body piercing until he truly experienced it for himself. He had his first piercing done at 21 years old. After that he knew he was hooked, for him it opened the doors to a whole new world of self expression through a sense of autonomy and independence of the body, and understanding through experience.   

Before first joining the Obelisk team in 2017, he worked in several different fields. With Obelisk attended his first Association of Professional Piercers Conference in 2018, and a second in 2019, where he furthered his education with piercing related courses such as anatomy and the history and use of safe body jewelry.  

He is passionate about the jewelry styles we offer in the studio and enjoys the gemstones, materials, anodizing process for titanium, and all the unique aspects of jewelry. 

Lucas will be in studio up front, showing jewelry and asking the hard questions like “What’s your favorite?!” Below are a few favorite photos he has taken.


Abra was born and raised in Washington, a proud member of the Obelisk staff since the studios inception in May of 2017. She has been piercing professionally for over 10 years and has found her place in Renton! She has attended the Association of Professional Piercers Conference with the studio, three years in a row. Some favorite courses she attended being techniques of septum piercings and bedside manner.

While a lover of bright colors and brilliant stones, Abra maintains an appreciation for a plethora of different styles, color combinations and piercing arrangements. 

Paired with her friendly personality, Abra is known for making her clients happy and comfortable, and executing their piercings in a safe manner, that suit their style and personality type. While outside of work, Abra can be found spending quality time with her favorite being in the world – her hairless cat, Lady Godiva, painting with watercolors and gaming.

She encourages clients to try new and unique jewelry, continuously change and grow a collection, to hone your individual style. 

Abra is in studio piercing, with a cheerful sense of humor, at times singing a melody around the shop. Below are a few favorite piercings she’s done.


Naomi Clayton began her piercing career in the PNW greater Seattle area. She has attended the Comprehensive Fakir Piercing Intensives as well as participated in the Fakir Spirit & Flesh Ritual and has been attending The Association of Professional Piercers since 2014. Her passion for the intention of body modification, history and love of piercing led her to found and open Obelisk Body Piercing in 2017, becoming the first body art studio to cater exclusively to piercing services and fine jewelry in Renton Washington. 

Naomi is continuously driven to study the history, methods, expressions, and celebrations of body modification. 

To contribute to someone’s becoming and our shared connection in body modification is something Naomi holds highly and dearly. To her body piercing, is the change and growth we see and create for ourselves. The experience that can only be created by one’s body, an experience personal. We use the body to change it into our perception as seen fit.

In a shared experience we create a piercing and adorn ourselves, but we also learn about our bodies, heal, and change together, we create a unique memory and history for each individual.

Naomi can be found in the studio piercing, at her desk working behind the scenes keeping things up and running, as well as out-and-about supporting the small businesses of Renton.

Below are a few favorite works she’s done.